Monday, 13 August 2018

Smoke Signals

I always like to burn incense in my studio when I start a new painting,

it helps me focus  -  at this point the table is looking better than the painting !

As seed heads ripen and leaves slowly change colour, plants take on the golden glow

of late summer  -  and just occasionally there's whiff of autumn in the air  .....

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Monday, 30 July 2018

Cherry and Rose

Wild cherry leaf, prematurely turning to autumnal bronze - wild cherries -

green rose hip and seeds  .....

Rosa moyesii  -  maturing rose hips and flower.

This is a garden rose, native to western China  .....

Cultivated cherries  .....

                                                               Student painting !   

" Still life with Cherries "

This was painted when I was a first year art student
 in an early experiment with oil paints .

On the day I remember clearly that I thought I was doing quite well .
My tutor stood rather intimidatingly behind me for a few minutes, then said ,
" Hum, I think you need to improve on your technique " and walked off !
I've recently retrieved the painting from our attic. Looking at it now, decades later
I entirely aggree with the comment .  Photographing it has brought it into the present
and I'm pleased and surprised to see an energy there which continues in
my current work .

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Summer Bouquet

My grandmother's silver rose bowl instantly brings back
happy memories of her beautiful garden   .....

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