Monday, 30 July 2018

Cherry and Rose

Wild cherry leaf, prematurely turning to autumnal bronze - wild cherries -

green rose hip and seeds  .....

Rosa moyesii  -  maturing rose hips and flower.

This is a garden rose, native to western China  .....

Cultivated cherries  .....

                                                               Student painting !   

" Still life with Cherries "

This was painted when I was a first year art student
 in an early experiment with oil paints .

On the day I remember clearly that I thought I was doing quite well .
My tutor stood rather intimidatingly behind me for a few minutes, then said ,
" Hum, I think you need to improve on your technique " and walked off !
I've recently retrieved the painting from our attic. Looking at it now, decades later
I entirely aggree with the comment .  Photographing it has brought it into the present
and I'm pleased and surprised to see an energy there which continues in
my current work .

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  1. The first image is very interesting, the textures, shapes and colours complement one another beautifully. I am not an artist and so couldn't,t imagine painting a still life, I think your tutor was too harsh!
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  2. It is always interesting to look back on one’s early work to examine it from the perspective of experience and increased knowledge. I think most of us are mildly shocked at how amateurish some of the early stuff was, but as you say the creative spark was already there.

  3. Wonderful images. Love your still life.

  4. Your still life photos evoke the passing of summer with their warm hues. Too soon, too soon. Cherries are such wonderful fruits - there's a bowl of them sitting in the kitchen. One of my favourite fruits.
    It's interesting to go back and look at early work and see creativity blossoming. Have a wonderful week.

  5. I love it! The colors are beautiful!

  6. They are all so clean and beautiful, serene and idyllic. It is different when a professional arrange things!

  7. I think that there is wonderful light in your painting! Not an easy thing to portray.
    Your photos are lovely too.

  8. Wow, I've never see the inside of a rose hip. That's pretty cool.

  9. Your mosaics are exquisite. Luv hour paining. Happy you dropped by my blog Ruby


  10. Those cherries look luscious!

  11. wow I thought your painting, before I scrolled down, was by one of the impressionists, a Monet, or Pissarro! Well, I like it very much and as you say, it is good to look at old work and bring it into the present, and see a continuity. And I guess autumn may be early because of the hot weather we had (and how I miss it)
    M xx

  12. What an in-effective teacher...teaching you nothing. One of those "nay-sayers" we hear so much in our lives. I liked the painting. But she/he could have helped you improve with some constructive criticism! But, I must say, your eye is wonderful for composition, texture and color which is evident in your amazingly beautiful photos!

  13. Wonderful series of creative photos and well done art work ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. ...Ruby, nature's details are treasures to be enjoyed, these images are a delight. Thanks for sharing, please stop back again.

  15. Your photos are so vibrant and Wow!!! What beautiful painting. Keep painting, you clearly have a talent for it. So lovely to see your past work. Happy Sunday!

  16. I love your beautiful vignettes -- each just lovely! That Art professor could have offered a bit more advice, but perhaps he knew you didn't need it and could figure it all out for yourself. If so, he was certainly correct.

  17. Ruby, your student painting is amazing! I love all the paint textures and the vibrant colours. Thanks so much for stopping by my place and testing out my blog by leaving a comment. It did go off for awhile. Also thanks for updating your blog list again. I will add this one to my list as well, so I can keep track of your beautiful artwork here. Warmest wishes, Jo. xx


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