Thursday, 5 December 2013

Faith and Trust

Celebrating the Divine Feminine  -  Day Five

Madonna del Parto (Pregnant Madonna)  by Piero della Francesca (1415-1492)

For me her expression just exudes faith and trust. This is the most beautiful image of Mary I've ever seen. I came across it while on an art tour of Tuscany in the early 1990s, shortly before it was moved to a purpose built museum. At the time the fresco was situated behind the altar of a small church in the hill town of Monterchi. I feel very fortunate to have seen it before restoration,in all it's faded glory.

Wishing you peace and joy !

Shared with Rebecca and friends at      RECUERDA MI CORAZON

Madonna del Parto - image source Wikipedia


  1. Love this piece. Madonna del Parto, I've never heard of. Thank you for introducing me to this image.

  2. And I feel fortunate that you have shared this amazing image with us.

  3. I especially love the painters who depict the madonna as pregnant and the ones of her discreetly nursing. She was fully human and I like to remember that as we tend to idolize and idealize her. You are fortunate to have seen this painting in person.

  4. Hi again Ruby,
    I thought you were naming the angels
    Faith and Trust...:D ♥

    1. Interesting idea Lisa ....... maybe they are indeed named Faith and Trust!

  5. Hi! Very beautiful painting! Just fit for Christmas season. Thanks for sharing.


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