Monday, 21 January 2013

Abandoned Feathers

Storm blasted feathers and assorted pieces of vegetation, on an East Lothian beach  last Autumn.

Human and animal footprints add to the composition and create a sense of dimension.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. lovely to see sunlight on sand, and the shadows of the objects linking up with what they reflect, or are attached to rather, as shadows don't reflect do they? - and the footprint too, that made me smile.
    Snow getting deeper here all the time!
    M xx

    1. M, this is we've had lots of snow and sleet showers but the ground remains sodden and brown.
      Hope you're getting around OK!

  2. Hi, Ruby! I’m back to blogsphere, though for a short while. These are the collaborated art on the sand created by the storm and creatures, and your aesthetic eyes spotted out these works of art.


    1. Hi Yoko.....glad to see you back! I've noticed posting is a bit slow generally at the moment,maybe it's the lull after festivities and the and anticipation of Spring.


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