Friday, 8 March 2013

Fractured Stones

Landscape, clouds, space ?

This one resembles a carved face!

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  1. Hello, Ruby! These are so beautiful, and almost divine, too! They can’t be called just “stone” or “rock” as a group as they are all different in colors, forms, and patterns, and they have changed in innumerable time as we grow older. Yes, the last one looks like enduring something, but it also looks to be able to tolerate difficulty or suffering.

    How is the weather in your part of the world? Last week’s April-like warmth turned to winter chill this week. Looks like winter and spring is having a race at this time.... until spring wins finally. Have joyful days ahead.


  2. Yoko, I like the word endured when it comes to stone. They have indeed endured subjection to the elements,almost forever! The weather has turned cold again here and as so often happens fragile Spring buds are damaged.

  3. Wonderful stones! Our lives must seem so transient to them, as those of flies or insects do to us. We're lucky to share brief moments of space and time with them. The blue one looks like lapis lazuli. Thanks for showing us these gems of stones.
    M xx

    1. M, I'm amazed at what I'm finding in these "very ordinary" piles of stones!

  4. quite beautiful
    a joy to see these rocks through your eyes
    and lens

  5. Beautiful stones! Stone fractures themselves seem natural topography or look like the earth holding blue water. They must have been resonated with changing history since ancient times.
    Here seesawing weather continues but it's on the way to full spring.
    Enjoy your spring, Ruby.

  6. Tammie and Cosmos.......and it's all part of the beautiful cosmic dance!


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