Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Past is Surfacing Again

Celebrating the Divine Feminine  -  Day Nine

This small wall quilt, which I made quite a long time ago, has volunteered to be presented today!

The title is" Fire Bird"   -   constructed in assorted fabrics, by machine applique.

The silver candlesticks were my grandmother's, the green velvet fabric around the bird was left over from a party dress I made for my mother and the paper angel and pink butterfly candles are gifts from my granddaughter.

The altar cloth was once part of a camel's saddle bag and the silver chain is a set of Guatemalan wedding beads.

The past is surfacing again,
claiming it's rightful place,
as if assured that it is beauty only,
that can endure through time.

Poem by  Morelle Smith

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  1. This is magnificent, full of energy... and carries so much beauty, meaningfulness ..and vibes with deep sacredness! Very special...and visually stunning..very meditative too!I am enjoying your beautiful blog and the magic you create and share!

  2. So stunning, Ruby!! Your wall quite is amazing - all of the work and love that went into it. What a treasure.

    Your altar is so vibrant and so full of Life! Textures and colors work perfectly together. Thank you so much for sharing it!!

  3. This is very special! A true piece of art which has all the elements of sacredness, meaning and beauty!

  4. The Art of cherishing Beauty...
    I believe you have mastered it♥♥

  5. your altar is a fire in my heart
    rising like a phoenix from your gifted hands.

  6. what treasures all in one beautiful display!

  7. Great representation. Beautiful work.

  8. Such a beautiful vignette! The pieces of your past weave together seamlessly into a whole of beauty.

  9. Amazing mixture of different times, past present and future too, different generations, and different places - all come together here. Love the Fire Bird!
    M xx

  10. Beautiful altar colors, design and creative for the Divine Feminine ~ a treasure ~ ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka ~ Artmusedog ^_^

  11. This altar stands out. It is so beautiful with all it's colors and treasures. Thank you.

  12. Your altar is BEAUTIFUL! And I love those wedding beads. I enjoy putting together altars, so this was inspiring to see. Thank you so much for visiting my blog this past weekend--so lovely to meet you! :o)


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